4 X IFMAR World Championship in Gubbio

It is with pleasure we inform you that the BRUNO X4 servo has made history thanks to its achievements. 

Coelho Bruno ISTC MOD 

Douchet Alexander ISTC SPEC 

Benetin Matus ISTC MOD Junior 

Domanin Filippo stock STC SPEC Junior 

These results are proof that developing this specific servo directly on the X4 platform was the right choice. 

The BR1 X4 servo statistically was one of the most used servo during the World Championship,and again more impressive when we look at the XRAY drivers, 60% of these have chosen BR1 X4 !!! 

To celebrate these successes we have restyled this glorious component. 

The new BR1 X4, in addition to presenting itself in a celebratory packaging for the 4X World Champion titles, displays a new graphic, with 4 lasered stars on the product that commemorates not only the 4 World Titles won by these great drivers in Gubbio, but also the 4 World titles of Bruno Coelho. 

The new BR1 X4 was produced in a very limited number, available for sale just in time to arrive in stores ready to be mounted on the new Xray X4’23. 


This is a “Must Have” for all the X4 Xray drivers that are looking for the maximum performance, starting from the details.

The BC-X4 was developed together with professional drivers, to achieve the best possible performance. The machined aluminium case gives the servo a stealthy and sleek look. It’s also very weight efficient, thanks to it’s integrated mount. This gives the car the lowest possible CG, and centralized weight. The integrated mount also offers unmatched rigidity, which gives an immediate improvement of the car’s steering response. The included bridge allows for maximum adjustability out of the box, with both a forward- as well as rearward mounting option. This makes it quick and easy to fine tune the flex setting of the car.


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