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When it comes to development of a product, there are no short cuts. With the intention of raising the bar, hard work and dedication is the only path to success. The SRX8 and SRX8 Evo were great cars, but here at Serpent we wanted more from this product, as bad as our customers and team drivers want to win. We raced; we tested; and repeated this process over and over until we were confident we created a better handling car that could reduce your lap times. Why you ask, because we want you to perform your best, with the least amount of effort. That’s what a great product is all about.


Return of Captured Center Driveline
Sometimes in product development you do it right the first time. In this case, we did, but we learned from our mistakes. After switching to the dogbone style setup on the Evo, we heard your feedback and we reacted. So…Its back, the captured center driveline with greased joints and rubber boots. Why’s it better, well its simple, it lasts longer, has less friction and has proven to be more reliable. Aside from that it gives the car a more consistent distribution of power front to rear.


Large Volume Differentials and oversized gears
These new differentials were a topic of concern for racers of the SRX-8. The reliability and performance of the original differentials were actually pretty good. The market though has other plans for what a high quality race car must have. One of those must haves are high volume large internal gear diffs. We manned up here, and went back to the drawing board and completely re-tooled our differential approach. The internal gears are a staggering Mod 1.25 which puts them at the largest in the market place.


With a maximum engagement surface on the tooth for earth shattering oil shearing, coupled with a larger volume housing, these differentials reduce any fading or loss of performance.


The internal ratio is industry 10/20. Make no excuses now boys, these babies will deliver the performance when you need it most.


Plus 15mm Super Tough Wing Mount
With the tracks reaching higher traction levels and higher speeds, the demands of more grip and stability are in hot commodity. Aerodynamics is nothing short of a way to enhance your models performance. We took our super tough and durable original wing mount design and made it taller. With an additional 15mm of height, this mount puts your wing up into “fresh “air providing even more down force as well as Lateral stability.


With the additional aerodynamic gains your wing is now capable of producing you can pull the throttle harder and approach turns with even more confidence. Don’t be afraid to push it with this bad boy mounted on your new SRX-8 Pro…….


New Ball Bearing Raced Steering Rack, Steering System
We have tested dozens of designs; this new steering system simply makes the car easier to drive or at least the feeling of it. The Ackerman plates all remain the same as before, as we felt that was really a strong point of the previous cars. The original SRX-8 steering was reliable, and so is this one. The feeling between the two is a bit different. The old system feels quicker and maybe overly responsive for some. This new system improves the feel, as it seems far more progressive so you can drive more confidently around center.


The old steering system will continue to be available, if high response is something you preferred. The goal is to produce a network of options, so that you as a customer can continue to develop your setup and stay at the top of your game.


New Inclined Caster Blocks and Steering Spindles
Drivability, drivability, drivability, that’s what you will find here folks. These new Inclined Caster blocks which will come in 15, 17.5 and 19 degrees, they will mate a New Inclined steering spindles. Creating these two parts together, ensures you lose none of the original Suspension Geometry as well as retains the exact track width, scrub offset and Driveshaft length. Yes, we have seen it done by other makers, but trying to slap some misfit parts together is not our intention at Serpent. It’s a do it right or not at all scenario. The parts have to be made to fit one another or your car is jacked… LOL.


Seriously though, all puns aside, these new parts really smooth out the steering. They actually reduce chassis roll into the corners, which makes the car have a more stable and smooth feeling. They also decrease responsiveness around center making the car more neutral feeling. In most cases with inclined spindles, you can run less overall caster, which improves tire wear. You will find that these are the most beneficial in super high grip applications or tracks.


Mountable Chassis Weights
Adjusting your weight distribution is becoming quite popular these days. Well we are a little late to the party, but its better late than never. In any event, we have tested adding weight to the front and rear of the car, and surprisingly the affects are actually an advantage in many conditions.


Whether you are looking for more front or rear end grip, now you will have the ability to add a 10, 20, or 30 gram weight to the front or rear end of your car.


The weights are made from brass and will be mountable to the chassis by a countersunk screw.


SRX-8 Pro In Review
The Radio Controlled racing world is an ever evolving marketplace. In order to stay relevant our company Serpent understands the need to continue to push forward and advance our racing products. Our lead Designer Billy Easton for off-road is no stranger to the competitive nature of racing. With multiple National and a World title to his credit, he too races regularly and competitively. This dedication to the sport and his demanding nature of his products give our brand an unparalleled advantage in the market. The Brand Serpent stands strong behind trying to produce the absolute best products we can, all the while giving you your best chance to win. There is no doubt that this SRX-8 Pro kit is a beast. We are confident you will enjoy the way it drives, enjoy its continued simplicity of maintenance, and be proud of your purchase.
We wish you the best racing results, and hope to see you at your local track, standing on the top step of your podium.

Billy Easton
Serpent designer


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